Unisex Running Belt - Travel Belt - Infusion Pump Belt 

Our multi-purpose unisex spandex hip belt was created by a world traveling triathlete.  Fashion, function, and sport technology all wrapped up in the best looking waist pack travel belt you'll ever find. This is not your mama's fanny pack!  We 100% guarantee you'll love it, even when hiking Mount Sinai on a camel in 1,000 degree heat, or your money back.  Seriously!


What size phones fit in a StashBandz?  

Roomy pockets with easy access, will hold ANY size phone vertical or horizontal. And we mean ANY size phone.  Well, at least for now anyway.  We can't imagine phones getting any bigger, but when they do, we will adjust our design.  So come back and see us when you get your new super ginormous phone.  


Pickpocket proof!  Perfectly designed to be worn discreetly under clothing or revealed as a functional fashion accessory.  Four pockets have a fold over flap to lock-in items for top security.  Extra invisible zipper pocket for a wad of cash.  FYI, be careful of those other travel belts on the market with buckle straps.  Pickpockets can cut the straps without you knowing.

Washing instructions?

Ask your mom, she'll know what to do. :)  Due to the hi-tech properties built into the fabric for moisture wicking and bacteria control, it's best to machine wash cold, drip dry. Never iron.  Mellllllllting!

Hold all at one time?  

Any size mobile phone, keys, cash, credit cards, I.D., passport, flask, eyeglasses, snacks, map, travel accessories, personal care items, and travel wallet.  Probably a lot more, but that should hold you over for a few hours.

Hold an insulin pump or EpiPen?  

Wide pockets are perfect for wearable medical devices without kinking the tubes. Essential as an insulin pump belt, chemo pump belt, LVAD CADD legacy belt, and an EpiPen holder. 


Designed for full function maximum comfort.  Stretchy spandex fabric, strong enough to carry a heavy load and endure active use.  Light weight for a slim fit, with no added bulk like traditional fanny packs.  Built-in tummy tuck with comfy compression fabric.  

Water proof?  

Not water proof, but the special spandex fabric has moisture wicking with anti bacteria properties to soak up body sweat.  This sport technology keeps your body cool and dry, your phones and medical devices bacteria free.  Essential for triathletes, and world travelers hiking Mount Sinai on a camel.  Whew - Hot!

Passport Holder? 

StashBandz roomy pockets easily holds all international passports vertical or horizontal. Even a passport wallet, or a passport cover.

Will items fall out when bending over?   

Nope, won't fall out.  Items stay put!  Unlike other brands, our pockets are top loading, not side loading.  All pockets have a fold over flap to lock-in items.  Extra invisible zipper pocket for added security. 

Flask holder?  

Oh yes!  Discreetly hides a very large flask.  But not a martini shaker.  ;)

Does it stay in place?  

The success of your waist pack depends on a good fit.  With the right size, rest assured your StashBandz will stay put, even with high activity as a running belt.  We offer free exchanges if you experience any issues.  Please see our size chart.  Riding up = too small. Sagging/slipping = too big.

Concealed carry?

For legal CC states, we do have customer's that love the StashBandz for CC.  We however, only recommend this for very small firearms.  But stay tuned...StashBandz for concealed carry is being designed right this second, due to arrive before Christmas 2016.

Why do customer's think we have the best travel belt - running belt - infusion pump belt on the market?

  • We do our own customer service.  No out-sourcing to off-shore people that don't understand our business. We care greatly about our customers needs and will go the extra mile.
  • Wide design adequately covers the belly.  Stays put for active users. 
  • Pickpocket proof.  Deep wide pockets around the entire belt circumference.
  • Special invisible zipper pocket for money.  ŸExtra roomy security pockets for other items.
  • ŸCustom sizing for small children that wear medical devices.  Wide pockets prevent tube kinking.
  • Top loading pockets, easy to retrieve items.
  • Highest grade spandex fabric with moisture/bacteria control technology.
  • ŸDiscreet logo.
  • Reversible band.
  • Slim fit design.  Non-bulky.  Built-in tummy tuck support.
  • Made in the USA. 

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