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Royal Blue Insulin Pump Belt for medical purposes on the go

Medical Belt

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Purple StashBandz Medical Belt

Why Choose StashBandz®?

Inserting medical pump into purple medical belt

Discreet Fanny Packs for Medical Equipment

Are you tired of carrying bulky bags that scream "medical equipment" wherever you go? Look no further — StashBandz® has revolutionized discreet storage with our all-in-one travel money belt, fitness belt, and medical device belt. Perfect for men, women, and children, our innovative fanny packs blend fashion and function seamlessly.

What is a Travel Medical Belt?

StashBandz® is not just a fanny pack; it's a versatile accessory designed to meet your diverse needs. This discreet belt boasts international patents, making it a unique and exclusive solution for those who prioritize style without compromising on practicality.

What Does A Medical Belt Do?

Imagine a single accessory that effortlessly transitions from a fitness belt to a travel money belt and a medical device belt. StashBandz® does it all. With four separate wide pockets at your disposal, including a roomy zipper pocket, you can confidently carry essentials like cash, keys, I.D., and even medical devices such as insulin pumps, chemo pumps, nerve stimulators, and infusion pumps like CADD Legacy®.

Why Do I Need A Travel Medical Pouch?

Whether you're running, working out, biking, travelling, or simply running errands, StashBandz® ensures you carry everything you need, discreetly and comfortably. The fold-over flap secures all pocket openings, adding an extra layer of safety and a touch of fashion. Worried about the fit? Don't be. Our wide design stays in place for active users, eliminating bounce and ride-up issues. 

Experience the freedom of hands-free, discreet storage with StashBandz®. Embrace functionality without sacrificing style. Order your StashBandz discreet fanny pack today and redefine how you carry your essentials.

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