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Royal Blue Insulin Pump Belt for medical purposes on the go

Medical Belt

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Purple StashBandz Medical Belt

Why Choose StashBandz®?

Inserting medical pump into purple medical belt

Discreet Fanny Packs for Medical Equipment

Are you tired of carrying bulky bags that scream "medical equipment" wherever you go? Look no further — StashBandz® has revolutionized discreet storage with our all-in-one travel money belt, fitness belt, and medical device belt. Perfect for men, women, and children, our innovative fanny packs blend fashion and function seamlessly.

What is a Travel Medical Belt?

StashBandz® is not just a fanny pack; it's a versatile accessory designed to meet your diverse needs. This discreet belt boasts international patents, making it a unique and exclusive solution for those who prioritize style without compromising on practicality.

What Does A Medical Belt Do?

Imagine a single accessory that effortlessly transitions from a fitness belt to a travel money belt and a medical device belt. StashBandz® does it all. With four separate wide pockets at your disposal, including a roomy zipper pocket, you can confidently carry essentials like cash, keys, I.D., and even medical devices such as insulin pumps, chemo pumps, nerve stimulators, and infusion pumps like CADD Legacy®.

Why Do I Need A Travel Medical Pouch?

Whether you're running, working out, biking, travelling, or simply running errands, StashBandz® ensures you carry everything you need, discreetly and comfortably. The fold-over flap secures all pocket openings, adding an extra layer of safety and a touch of fashion. Worried about the fit? Don't be. Our wide design stays in place for active users, eliminating bounce and ride-up issues. 

Experience the freedom of hands-free, discreet storage with StashBandz®. Embrace functionality without sacrificing style. Order your StashBandz discreet fanny pack today and redefine how you carry your essentials.

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Medical Belt FAQs

Read our frequently asked questions about our StashBandz Medical Belt

Who can benefit from using a medical belt?

Individuals who can benefit from using a medical belt include those with specific medical conditions or needs. Our medical belts are designed to provide secure storage for medical devices. People with abdominal discomfort, post-surgery recovery, or those requiring easy access to medical equipment can find utility in using a medical belt.

How does a medical belt differ from a traditional first aid kit or medical bag?

A medical belt differs from a traditional first aid kit or medical bag in that it is worn around the waist, offering hands-free and convenient access to medical supplies. A medical belt integrates storage for essentials like bandages, medications, or medical tools directly on the wearer. This design is especially practical for situations requiring immediate access to medical items.

Can I wear a medical belt under my clothing for discreetness?

Yes, you can wear our medical belt under your clothing for discreetness. StashBandz medical belts are designed to be thin and lightweight, making them suitable for wearing under clothing without causing discomfort or noticeable bulges. This allows individuals to maintain privacy and discretion while still having convenient access to necessary medical supplies.

Is it easy to access medical supplies stored in a medical belt during emergencies?

Yes, accessing medical supplies stored in our medical belt during emergencies is easy and efficient. Medical belts are designed for quick and convenient access, featuring accessible pockets, compartments, and secure closures for rapid retrieval of essential items.

Can I wear a medical belt while participating in sports or physical activities?

Yes, you can wear our versatile medical belt while participating in sports or physical activities. It is designed to be lightweight, adjustable, and comfortable. They can provide support, stability, and secure storage for medical devices, allowing individuals to engage in sports.