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4 wide pockets with one big zipper pocket.  360° stashing space holds any size phone, passports, med pumps, cash, keys, cards, glasses, flask, sport fuel & so much more.  

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My husband has PKD and had a kidney transplant in 2016.  This belt was a lifesaver in learning how to adapt to wearing and carrying his new pump. 

Denise & Dave Chick

I use a CADD LEGACY pump in a shoulder pouch. I wish someone would have told me about this product sooner. The pump is totally concealed now. 

John Graydon

 ...I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and after surgery had 6 drains. The StashBandz has been amazing for the drain management. 

Whitney T.

Great Item and great customer service! I love my Sport and Travel Belt. And the exchanges are easy and reliable. I highly recommend this site.

Marina Tuttle

..patient of mine is receiving chemotherapy using a CADD Prizm. My patient said it fits great and loves it. I can't say enough nice things about this company. 

Kim Hummel RN

This has been a great help while out walking, hiking. It doesn't roll up. In fact, it's so comfortable that I forget to take it off when I get home. And, it's slimming!

Betsy H.

Inconspicuous comfy hiding place for valuables.  Best hidden travel wallet option I've seen.  Soooooo comfy...perfect pockets all around.

Amy Bean

Their customer service goes above and beyond to satisfy a customer (me). Communication, speed and more all 5 stars.

David Klaus

 I have been on the CADD Legacy pump for 13 years and have tried many carriers, but this is the best...it's light and holds the pump perfectly. 

Kimberly H.

I use the mini med 670g insulin pump. It fits perfect and it looks great, I don't have the feeling that I wear a medical device. Thank you!

Suzanne Thijsen

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