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Man running whilst wearing a red StashBandz running belt

Running Belt

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Girl on a run whilst wearing a purple running belt

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"This travel belt from StashBandz pulls on like pants and stays in place all day, whether you are sightseeing or going for a quick run around the neighborhood."

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Lady doing yoga whilst wearing a StashBandz fitness belt
Lady running whilst wearing a StashBandz fitness belt
Lady stretching whilst wearing a StashBandz fitness belt
StashBandz running belt on The Today Show

Fitness Belt

Are you tired of fumbling with your belongings while trying to maintain your pace during a run? Look no further – the StashBandz® Running Belt is here to revolutionize your active lifestyle. Discover the perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and style with our innovative running belt designed to enhance your workout experience.

What is a Running Belt?

Our running belt, also known as a fitness belt or workout waist pack, is a versatile accessory designed to securely hold your essentials while engaging in physical activities. The StashBandz® Running Belt goes beyond the conventional, offering a sleek and ergonomic design that sits comfortably around your waist, providing a discreet and secure storage solution for your valuables.

What Does a Fitness Belt Do?

The StashBandz® Running Belt is a multi-functional companion that effortlessly accommodates your necessities, such as your phone, keys, cards, and even energy gels. Our belt features multiple pockets, each strategically placed for easy access without interrupting your stride. The stretchable and adjustable design ensures a snug fit, preventing bouncing or discomfort during your most vigorous workouts.

Why Do I Need a Running Belt?

Running free from the burden of carrying items in your hands or pockets allows you to focus on your performance and enjoy the journey. The StashBandz® Running Belt not only streamlines your running experience but also adds a layer of security by keeping your valuables close to you at all times. Say goodbye to the hassle of holding your phone or constantly adjusting your gear – with our running belt, you can run unencumbered and fully immerse yourself in the rhythm of your exercise routine.

Why Choose StashBandz®?

Red Running, Medical and Money Travel Belt
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Running Belt FAQs

Read our frequently asked questions about our StashBandz Running Belt

What are the benefits of using a fitness belt while running?

Our fitness belt offers benefits such as hands-free storage for essentials like keys and phones, preventing bounce or discomfort during runs. It provides easy access to hydration, enhances convenience, and can improve overall running experience by allowing you to focus on your stride without distractions.

Can I use a fitness belt for other activities besides running?

The StashBandz fitness belt is versatile and can be used for various activities beyond running. Whether you're hiking, cycling or working out at the gym, our fitness belt provides a convenient and hands-free solution for carrying essentials like keys, phones, or small items.

Are fitness belts waterproof? Can they protect my items from sweat or rain?

Our StashBandz Spandex fabric is crafted from a moisture wicking material with anti bacteria properties to soak up body sweat. This sport technology keeps your body cool and dry and your phones and medical devices bacteria free.

Can I wear a fitness belt comfortably during long-distance runs?

Yes, you can wear our fitness belt comfortably during long-distance runs. It's essential to position it snugly around your waist, ensuring it sits securely without bouncing. Experiment with placement to find the most comfortable position for you.

Can I use a fitness belt for carrying hydration options like water bottles or hydration packs?

Our fanny pack offers a convenient solution for carrying hydration options during various activities. With its spacious and adjustable design, you can easily fit a water bottle or hydration pack into the compartments, ensuring you stay well-hydrated on the go.