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About Us

There is life beyond the bag…
We get it. Purses are cute. But, in the end, they’re one major hassle. We live in the modern age of on-the-go, to-go, and need-it-yesterday lifestyles that require more than your average shoulder bag or backpack. Do you really want to be worrying about where to stash your stuff when you need to be in five places at once? Whether you’re clubbing, working, training, walking the dog, base jumping, or just need to secure all your essentials from pickpockets, Stashbandz® has you covered. We dare you to “stuff” your stuff into one of our Stashbandz® to prove that 360-degree stashing space is all you’ll ever need.
We’ve been dubbed the “Must-have fashion fanny pack” and we literally wear that name proudly. Our signature extra-wide pockets and sleek patented styling on all our products help you store your items discretely and safely with pure comfort, putting purses out of business and back in your closet.
Find a need. Fill a need. We’re here to help a girl (and guy) out. StashBandz® provides customers with a wide variety of customization options. We can tailor-make our StashBandz® to fit children and adults of all sizes.   
Our speciality is creating savvy solutions to hide wearable medical devices. Insulin pump belt? No problem. Chemo pump belt? Absolutely! Carryalls for pain management pumps, such as the CADD legacy? We’ve got it handled. Conceal carry? Sure, why not. Bottom line: you name it, we can make it! That’s the beauty of manufacturing here in the U.S.A.  
Never hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be on standby to offer support any way we can.
A heart felt thanks for stopping by.

CEO, bagless since 2014  :)