Medical Device Belt

$ 25.00

Deep pockets discreetly hide common infusion pumps, such as *CADD Legacy ® pumps, LVAD, *EpiPen®, insulin pumps, chemo pumps, post surgery drains, ANY size cell phone, and extra on-the-go items.

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Recommended by the National Juvenile Diabetes Association for insulin pump belts and Mission Hospital for post breast surgery drain belts.

Top Features:

  • 4 wide pockets 6" X 8" fit any size pump without kinking the tubes
  • Roomy pockets load from the top to easily insert large medical devices
  • Fold over flap secures all pockets 
  • One invisible zipper pocket  
  • Moisture control anti-bacteria fabric keeps medical devices protected
  • Made in USA with highest grade Spandex fabric
  • Carries a heavy load staying in place with compression Spandex
  • Patented non-bulky slim fit design helps to hide a muffin top
  • Super comfy while you sleep
  • Fits any size cell phone and extra on-the-go items
  • Free Shipping for USA orders
  • 100% Guarantee or money back

We love creating products for our customers.  If you have a special design need, don't hesitate to ask, we can make it!


DISCREET COVERAGE.  No need for unsightly heavy carry-alls. StashBandz® hides undercover or as a stylish fanny pack over clothes. Tubular Spandex hip belt 6" high with four 6" x 8" pockets around the entire band circumference. Max vertical stretch 7” high to accommodate a wide range of wearable medical devices without kinking the tubes, and properly holding lines.

TOTES A HEAVY LOAD.   Lightweight compression fabric for extra support and a comfy nights sleep. 

ŸNON-BULKY.   Wide design with compression fabric helps to hide a muffin top. Belt slip on like pants or pull over the head and place around hips and lower waist.  

Ÿ4 WIDE POCKETS.   3 wide pockets open at the top with a fold over locking flap, allows immediate access to pumps, monitors, lines, and extra supplies. One wide zipper pocket for medical devices, cell phone, cash, keys, I.D., passport, and more.  

COMMONLY USED AS:   Insulin pump belt, ambulatory infusion pump holder, LVAD pack, chemo pump belt, post breast surgery drain belt, colostomy bag holder, epinephrine auto injector belt, medical pump belt to hold common infusion pumps such as *CADD Legacy,®  and Epinephrine auto injectors such as *EpiPen®.   

ŸSHIPS DAILY from California.  (See weekend/holiday shipping schedule).   Free shipping. 30 day 100% money back guarantee! (See return policy).  

*CADD Legacy® and EpiPen® are registered trademarks.   StashBandz® is not affiliated in any way with these companies.   We are only stating these companies as editorial reference.
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