CADD Legacy pump holder, VAD Pump Pouch Belt, LVAD Pump holder Belt

$ 25.00

Patented design with 4 Wide deep pockets holds CADD Legacy Pumps, LVAD Pumps, VAD Pumps, LVAD heart monitors, heart pumps, and extra on-the-go items all at the same time. 

We are here to help!  We can design something special for you if you need larger pockets, wider band, etc.  Contact a design specialist: or give us a ring at 1-800-224-8420.


  • 4 Wide Pockets 6" x 8" Fit Any Size Pump Without Kinking the Tubes

  • Pump Fits in one Pocket with Separate Pockets for Tubing, and Hickman Lines                      

  • Extra Invisible Zipper Pocket 6" X 7.5" for I.D., money, passport, snacks, and any size cell phone

  • High-tech Moisture Wicking/Bacteria Control Fabric 

  • Wide Band Design Keeps belt in Place With No Slipping                            

  • Non-bulky Tummy Tuck Light Compression Hides Pumps with Fashion Flare

  • Easy Access Pockets to Check Pumps

  • Top Grade Spandex Easy Wash - Dries in Minutes

  • Super Comfy for Sleeping

  • Custom Design Options

  • Made in the USA Top Quality

  • Free Fast Shipping & Exchanges For USA orders

  • 100% Guaranteed You Will Love Our Belt or Your Money Back

CONCEALS VENTRICULAR ASSIST DEVICES WITH FASHION FLARE giving you discreet coverage for an active lifestyle.  No need for unsightly heavy carry-alls. StashBandz® hides comfortably undercover or as a stylish fanny pack over clothes. Tubular Spandex hip belt 6" high with four pockets around the entire band circumference.  Three pockets are 7.5" wide, and one pocket is 8" wide to securely tote pumps of all sizes. Max vertical stretch 7” high to accommodate a wide range of wearable medical devices without kinking the tubes, and properly holding Hickman lines.

ŸHI-TECH SPANDEX FABRIC WITH ANTI-BACTERIA MAX-DRI TECHNOLOGY.  Keeps the body dry and medical devices bacteria free.  Stays put for active users during the day with no rubbing, chafing, or bouncing.   Lightweight compression fabric for extra support and a comfy nights sleep. 

ŸNON-BULKY.  NO BUCKLES OR VELCRO that can cause irritation.  Wide design with compression fabric secretly hides a muffin top.  Belt slip on like pants or pull over the head and place around hips and lower waist.  

Ÿ4 WIDE POCKETS FRONT AND BACK  3 wide pockets open at the top with a fold over locking flap, allows immediate access to pumps, monitors, and extra supplies.  One zipper pocket for cell phone, cash, keys, I.D., passport and more.  By special request, the zipper feature can be removed if needed.   Zipper pocket feature only available in the colors black, ivory, and aqua blue.

ŸMEDICAL USES.  Used as a CADD pump holder, Cadd Legacy pump pouch, Veletri pouch, Remodulin pouch, Remodulin holder, Flolan pouch, Veletri pouch, LVAD heart monitor belt, LVAD pump holder, LVAD Pump Belt, Cadd Legacy pouch belt, CADD Legacy Pump Belt, CADD MS3, and Hickman line holder. 

Recommended by the National Juvenile Diabetes Association for the best insulin pump belt.  Specially designed to discreetly tote wearable medical devices such as insulin pumps, Chemo pumps, VAD Ventricular Assist devices, infusion pumps, and colostomy bags.

ŸSHIPS WITHIN 48 HOURS from CA.  Made in America.  Free shipping & exchanges.  100% money back guarantee!  Machine wash cold, drip dries in minutes.

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